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Story by Isa D'Arleans  

          Once upon the time, in a far, far away galaxy, twirled a beautiful little planet by the name of Earth. 


          At her humble beginnings, Earth was lusciously green and bountiful, but the little planet started to experience uneasiness when her habitants began engaging in wars and trivial unions in order to access more of her resources. Trusting that her habitants would eventually recognize the tremendous value of her gifts, the little planet eagerly gave and gave, offering her clean and fresh water, her minerals and precious metals, her natural beauty. As she spun around the sun in the freedom of her magical essence, she rejoiced in nourishing her habitants with the love and selflessness of a mother to her children. 


         But soon decades became centuries and the Earth family grew at a speed that started threatening the equilibrium of their mother’s fine and sensitive balance. Her efforts to feed and serve her habitants started slowly depleting her of her once colossal strength and plentiful resources. She started showing signs of fatigue, overwhelmed by the ever amounting toxins she had to absorb. 


          In all her years of existence, her habitants had never stopped fighting. Their greedy instincts left her puzzled. How could such destructive behavior possibly help them in the long run? Still she continued to give as much as she could.


          Eventually, starting to feel the disastrous results of her continuous efforts, she found herself reaching out for the help of her galaxy friends, THE PROGRESSORS, who had kept a worried eye on her irresponsible habitants for quite some time. The Cabinet of THE PROGRESSORS were ready to take action. After a quick meeting and a concise plan, they started their descent to Earth with a heavy sense of urgency.


          Upon their arrival, they were relieved to find out that millions of Earth’s habitants had started organizing themselves in groups and coalitions in an effort to better their world and start building a more vibrant future.


          The work was vast and the effort was grand.


          This story is to acknowledge the power of community and the vibrancy and importance of connectedness.

Paintings by Isa D'Arleans       Narrative by Carlotta Harlan