Born and raised in Lyon France, Isa has experienced the privilege of living her passion for the arts in between two continents, Europe and America, where she has developed and fine-tuned her love and knowledge for Fine Arts, colors, design and fashion.

Although known as an artist for her painting style with years of exhibits in Seattle and New York City, she has also worked extensively in other artistic fields that have broadened her sensibility and expertise in visual arts and aesthetics. From home and restaurant design to volunteering on big and small community projects, she has shared with love and enthusiasm her artistic awareness for the past twenty years. Her most recent art exhibits include the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in NYC, the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris and Chapman University in Orange, CA. 

For the past 2 years, Isa has been focused on releasing her most important project to date "The Progressors", an exhibit that will open in Los Angeles in the winter of 2019-2020.

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Isa D'Arleans  Artist

About the Artist

"There is no limit to what human spirit can feel. The depth and power of some extraordinary emotions can propel us into places where colors, space and time take on a whole new and significant meaning. My work comes from a world where the mystery, the vitality and the brilliance of life, the love of being and the need to rise above prevail."  Isa D'Arleans

"Mysterious and airy, Ms. D'Arleans' lyrical canvases and her dreamlike compositions are beautifully wrought in a misty atmosphere infused with delicate flowing colors and bathed in swaths of translucent light."  Amsterdam Whitney, NYC